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Art Works

Current Affairs
A series of oil paintings examining the daily existence of people working, living (and dying) in the world today

global observations

Irish History
A series of paintings relating to Irish culture and history consisting of historical statues and portraits of Irish radical / revolutionary leaders covering the last 300 years,  The idea of this series is to explore Irish history in visual way, to re-present well-known Irish figures not as strict historical paintings but more of a modern interpretation of their lives and their times

Irish Culture and History

Dublin Cityscapes
A series of cityscapes with a threefold intention of depicting Dublin as it is in this moment in time, recording current states, trends and aspects that we take for granted but can change tomorrow. Secondly, examining particular contrasts that have emerged due to current levels of wealth and immigration, and thirdly, representing aspects that symbolize positive developments for the future of Dublin and all of its inhabitants
Dublin Cityscapes: Gallery 1
Dublin Cityscapes: Gallery 2
Dublin Cityscapes: Gallery 3
Dublin Cityscapes: Gallery 4
Dublin Cityscapes: Gallery 5

Landscapes and Seascapes
A series of oil paintings looking at the Irish countryside, islands and sea
land and sea

Family Album
A series of oil paintings examining the role of memory in old family photographs going back over one hundred years
memory after memory

Family and friends

Pen and ink illustrations based on the history of Swords, Co Dublin and Glencolmcille, Co Donegal


A series of photographs combined with quotes from the history of philosophy

A painting suggesting a new design for the Irish flag
Irish flag design

Cyber Art
'It's clever, but is it art?'