Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin - Notes on work

Artist’s Statement

The word ephemeral derives from the Greek ephémeros and means ‘lasting a day’. It is a word particularly suited to newspaper images that illustrate the stories each day. However, such stories are based on events that may be happening for weeks if not years. Our attention is drawn to such events for a brief moment and then redirected to another story or event the next day. Often these events are of a tragic or desperate nature which in many cases are the result of unresolved political conflicts.

As an artist I feel that exploring these pictures through drawing and painting can bring the images and the events they represent back into the public domain with a renewed significance. Through art a particular predicament can be universalised as a symbol of a broader conflict or problem while creating empathy in those viewing the problem from afar. Thus art can encourage the development of a globalised consciousness by putting a human face on the more negative aspects of our consumer culture, a culture that has economic tentacles reaching into every nook and cranny the world over. Moreover, by developing a global awareness of others we also constantly re-evaluate our view of ourselves.

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